How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? A Guide for Brides on a Budget

Cutting cost is a difficult job for any bride when it comes to her wedding.  But where do you save money when everything seems important?  Smaller cake? Less bridesmaids?  No band? They all seem necessary!  And let's not forget, how do you carve out a portion of your wedding budget for flowers? 

That's why I'm going to share how brides can get beautiful flowers on a budget! Where you can cut back, how to carve out enough money for flowers within your entire wedding budget, and how to set yourself up for cost conscious success when meeting with a floral designer. 

Flower Budgeting 101: 

Trust your florist and let them help you pick out your flowers.  Good flower designers know what's in season and what flowers give you the most bang for your buck.  They also know the best copycats to the expensive blooms you like.  Peonies can cost up to $10 a stem in some off season peaks but a grouping of 3-4 carnations can often be mistaken as a peony and at only a couple dollars each. So, let your florist help you decide what flowers give you a similar look to the inspirational photos you've shown them and trust their expertise with your vision.

Cut down the number of large centerpieces. If you want big, awesome centerpieces, you should have them!  But if your budget doesn't have room for them, use some candles and sprigs of greenery on some tables, or smaller arrangements on some tables to off-set the cost.  You still get the same look and everyone gets to see those tall, glorious arrangements, but without you paying for them on every table.  Let me show you what I mean:

10 Large Centerpieces at $200 = $2,000


4 Large Centerpieces at $200= $800

+ 3 Short Centerpieces at  $100=$300

+ 3 Candle & Eucalyptus Centerpieces at $50= $150

Total= $1,250

You just saved $750 AND almost half your tables had those large arrangements that you wanted at your wedding for everyone to enjoy.

  • Cut down the number of tables.  It's simple.  The less people, the less tables, the less money you will spend.  Or get creative...add extra seats at each table or use bistro tables if you can get by with it.

  • Cut down your wedding party!  This is a big one!  Before you have ten bridesmaids, remember you're paying for ten bridesmaid's bouquets.  If each bouquet cost around $100 each, you've spent $1,000 on bridesmaid bouquets alone! That's ridiculous!  You can severely reduce cost by having a smaller bridal party.  Also, personal side note:  If you have ten bridesmaids and two MOHs, chances are, they don't feel all that special, so you may want to rethink that number so that these friends and family feel valued and not just one of the many.  

  • Be open to your florist's suggestions.  A good florist will listen to you and do everything they can to make your wedding flowers exactly what you envision on your wedding day.  Plus, they also have some excellent creative ideas.  Be open to their suggestions and they might be able to help you come up with some additional ways to help you stretch your dollar, like re-purposing ceremony arrangements at the reception, or mixing different types of centerpieces. You may think you know what you can live without, but it doesn't hurt to ask for an opinion, they're a wedding professional and that advice is free so take advantage!

Budget Breakdown

  • Flowers cost money. Just like your caterer who has to buy food, your florist has to buy the flowers and they aren't cheap. Sometimes we have to ship them from other countries, and then we always have to clean them, treat them, and keep them cool over the several times they could be handled before they go into an arrangement so there's a lot of heavy lifting and labor included in the cost.

  • Delivery, set-up/tear-down, & taxes. Most, if not all, florists will charge you separately for delivery, set-up/tear-down, and taxes.  It may take a team to set-up/tear down for your wedding & trust me, you don't want to be responsible for that.  

  • If it sounds too good to be true... The old saying is true...  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  It rings true with most things in life and in my experience, florists are no exception.  Yes, you can find florists who will offer cheaper prices than me but will they offer the same experience, quality, attention to detail, and style? I'm gonna bet our reviews on it and say, I doubt it.   

Wedding Flower Quote:

Below we've created a wedding flower quote for an average bride who is getting married in 2019.   This is a general breakdown but it will give you a better idea of the cost per item.  

Bridal Party Flowers: $820

1 Bride's Bouquet- $200

4 Bridesmaid's Bouquets - $400 ($100 each)

1 Toss bouquet- $50 (this price and item can be switched out for a smaller flower crown)

1 Flower Girl rose petals- $10

2 Mother's Corsages- $40 (can choose from: pin-on, wrist, or posy)

1 Groom Boutonniere- $15

4 Groomsmen Boutonnieres- $60 ($15 each)

2 Father's & 1 Officiant Boutonniere- $45

Ceremony Flowers: $300

1 Large Altar Arrangement- $300 (Flower Installments begin at $350 and go up from there based on the size of the arch and the amount of time and flowers)

Reception Flowers: $1,225

10 Low Centerpieces- $1,200 (These are our signature low, organic, garden-inspired centerpieces full of local, seasonal flowers and fit perfectly on 6ft. round tables and up to 8ft. farmhouse tables)

Cake flowers- $25

Local Delivery/Set-up- $75


Tax- $128.26

TOTAL: $2,548.26

The bride in the example above will have plenty of room to include the flowers she wants in her wedding and her flowers will be spectacular within the above budget. Just remember, this is only an example, but use it as a guide to plan for your wedding flowers.

We want every bride to have beautiful wedding flowers and to be able to enjoy her wedding day and even the planning it takes leading up to it.  And don't get me wrong, we love DIY...  but we don't recommend brides trying to put together bouquets and boutonnieres before their wedding.  It's a lot of hard work, very time consuming, and you're working with temperature sensitive objects that die... do you really want that kind of pressure on you before your wedding day?

So plan that budget now and save yourself the stress later, you'll be grateful when you're getting your hair done.

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