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So, How Much Do Flowers Cost, Anyway? 

Well, how generous do you want to be? 

You tell us the price  you want to pay. An average arrangement costs around $50. You can spend more or less. The more you spend, the bigger and more beautiful your arrangement will be. Want to wow them? The sky's the limit! 

ALL of our arrangements are custom made. This is what separates us from your Telafloras and your FTDs of  the world.  You will never get the same arrangement as your neighbor because we make something that speaks to YOU. You tell us your favorite colors, your favorite flowers, etc, and we go from there! 

Check out the gallery on the right to see examples of arrangements we've made and their cost. To see loads more pictures and our current specials, visit our facebook page or blog. To determine the most accurate price for your special order, please call us

How Do You Determine What the Flowers Cost?

Our flowers have to go through a lot before they arrive at the store.  They are shipped from the finest growers available in North America, South America and the Caribbean. They have usually traveled a long way by boat or airplane to reach our store. Sometimes, flower prices can go up because of the weather.  When it's the dead of winter, ALL of our flowers have to come from somewhere warm which affects how much we pay for them.  When our flowers are local, we pass those savings on to you.  After our flowers arrive, there is dedicated and advanced care by every staff member to make sure they stay at their peak physical beauty and can be enjoyed for long after they arrive at your home. 


From the moment you place an order with us, there is over 30 years of combined experience used to lovingly handcraft your floral creation. Arranging flowers is a learned skill and we work very hard to bring you the most advanced and beautiful techniques in the industry. We treat our arrangements like art and we hope that you will love them like art. 

Can You Make This, or This, or That?

Yes, we can! There is really no limit to what we can do.  Some flowers, however, may be out of season or may need to be specially ordered.  Please call at least one week in advance for orders that are extra special! 

I'm Getting Married and I Need Flowers!

If you're thinking about booking with us, call and tell us your wedding date.  We fill our bookings very quickly for spring & summer weddings. It's best to inquire about wedding flowers a year in advance!


If we're available on your date, we will book a consultation.  During your consultation, you'll sit down with one of our floral experts and talk about your wedding vision.  This is a good time to bring pictures.  We like to see pictures of your dress, your bridesmaids dresses, your venues, and any inspiration photos of flowers you love.  At the consultation, we will talk, get to know each other, and you will be given a quote for your wedding flowers. Then, we can both decide if we'd like to work together.  If you decide you want to work with us, we typically require a deposit for your wedding. A deposit is the only way to secure your date!  A deposit is usually 30-50% of your total wedding cost. 

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